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This document provides an overview of the business digitization of Jessica’s Tileworks Studios; a ceramic manufacturing company in Nassau, The Bahamas. The client, Mrs. Jessica Colebrooke, requested a basic e-commerce website to sell her products as soon as possible. The duration of this project was four (4) weeks.

Company Overview

Jessica’s Tileworks Studio Ltd. is a ceramic manufacturing company based in Nassau, The Bahamas established in 1997. Lead artist and proprietor, Jessica Colebrooke, is a well respected ceramicist that has worked professionally in this medium for over twenty-three years. Moreover, her work ranges from Fine Art Ceramics, souvenirs, tableware and tile murals. Additionally, Colebrooke is the first Bahamian female tile manufacturer and the first to also create an extensive line of over 300 artistic teapots to her portfolio. Without a doubt, Jessica’s work is bold and distinct and notable amongst the exquisite in the region.

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problem statement

A quick e-commerce website design to sell products without the need for online payment methods.

The purpose of this project was to provide an e-commerce solution for a client that wanted to launch as soon as possible. Developing a functional e-commerce website in such a short timeframe is always challenging because of the time allotted for testing the product. JTS requested a website that offered offline payment (cash on delivery, cheque, etc.) which would easily allow for seamless e-commerce integration. 


JTS had already purchased a domain name for the e-commerce site, which gave us a head start on the project. A hosting plan was needed to direct users to the website itself, so we provided her with one of our servers. With the consideration that our client is an artist, the website was made using software that allowed free control for the client to update information and add custom touches to the site. JTS also placed a heavy emphasis on being found on Google, and so we ensured that the SEO integration on the website worked flawlessly for her to provide SEO content using guidelines placed in the back-end.

Services Provided



Gold Collar successfully developed the e-commerce website in 22 days. The website’s framework provided an avenue for JTS to sell their ceramics while providing an avenue for the client to express her creativity within the site’s design.  With Gold Collar taking over this responsibility, the client was able to focus on creating her products for her business.

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